Keg Leasing

Empower Your Progress: Lease-To-Own Economically Priced Kegs from the Leading Keg Supplier!

Elevate Your Brewery's Expansion with Keg Financing Solutions for Sustainable Growth!

At Starbrau, we recognize the paramount significance of streamlined business growth. This is precisely why we take immense pride in offering an extensive keg purchase financing program, tailor-made for breweries like yours. With our superior stainless steel kegs, available in 20-litre, 30-litre, and 50-litre capacities, you can amplify your draft beer sales while safeguarding your operational capital.

Why Opt for Keg Financing?

Wide Availability

Our readily stocked kegs are poised for prompt dispatch from our strategically located warehouses in Canada. This ensures swift delivery, allowing you to focus on expanding your business with minimal downtime.

Low Monthly Payments

Bid farewell to substantial upfront expenditures! Our adaptable payment plans showcase modest monthly installments, alleviating financial strain and enabling you to nurture your brewery's growth more effectively.

Low Buy-Out Payment: As Low As $1 After Entire Lease-to-Own Contract

Imagine the gratification of ownership with our unique keg financing program. With a buy-out payment as low as $1 following the completion of the lease-to-own contract, you can seamlessly transition from lessee to a proud keg owner. Be careful of other keg  leasing  programs where you pay $50.00-$80.00 Buy-Out payment for per EACH keg.

Starbrau Kegs: Setting the Standard!

At Starbrau, we don't compromise on quality. Our Starbrau kegs are meticulously engineered to the highest benchmarks, ensuring unparalleled durability and long-lasting performance.

Keg Branding: Craft Your Identity!

Make a memorable statement with personalized kegs that reflect your brand's essence. Our keg branding services empower your beverages to stand out vibrantly in the competitive market, capturing attention and loyalty.

Introducing Keg Rentals: Flexibility Meets Excellence!

We're thrilled to present our keg rental service to enhance your options. Whether you're seeking short-term solutions or testing the waters with new offerings, our keg rentals provide the flexibility your business needs.

Partner with Starbrau: Invest in Your Brewery's Future Success!

Choosing Starbrau signifies more than just acquiring kegs – it signifies investing in the flourishing future of your enterprise. Discover the distinctive difference of our premium keg lease-to-own initiative today!

Take the pivotal stride toward elevating your craft, whether in brewing, cider-making, or winemaking. Connect with us now to secure your top-notch stainless steel kegs, spanning 20-litre, 30-litre, and 50-litre capacities, and embark on a journey of unparalleled growth.

Experience Keg Financing Excellence with Starbrau: Your Trusted Partner in Brewing Advanceme